Photographs from North Norway


I’ve been living in Northern Norway for four years in Vadsø by Varangerfjord. The monumental and the barren landscapes of Finnmark fascinate, and, at the same time, are demanding objects for photographing. Wherever there you focus your eyes and your camera, wonderful scenery surrounds you but only seldom it can be caught in the photo in all its grandeur. These precious successes are now seen in my exhibition.

The themes of horizontality and reflection are strongly present in the photographs. The sky is a canopy for the sea and for the mountains reposing under its horizon. The landscape has been divided into pieces; sky, water, snow, ice, stones and earth each are assertively on their own places. A wanderer and an observer of the lonely North has created pictures of silence from which the moisture of the wind, the earth and the sea can be sensed alike with the bursting of the forces of nature. Suddenly all this can change and then the man is inescapably face to face with his smallness.  

It took me two years before getting a personal perspective of the ladscapes of Finnmark. In my pictures the mountain and the sea are protagonists. These two massive elements have an affair. The mountain and the sea are lovers who share an eternal longing for one another. This love affair is my vantage point to be seen altogether in 17 photographs in colour.


Sonja Siltala

In Vadsø, 19th of November 2004.